The paint of Tokyo taxis drive me crazy.

Jazz Kissa Bigboy. Jimbocho Station.

Tadao Ando retrospective.

Obi Band a Gogo

Stereo Sound. Japanese magazines are the best.

Kenrick Sound. Renovated JBL 4343 with custom passive crossover.

The paint! The color!

JBL 4344 at Disk Union Jazz. I took a picture of those 10 years ago.

Bryston 4B3

Awesome amplifier. Power, finesse and neutrality. Mesmerizing bass. Great at low levels too.

Life without remote control

Miraculous find at High-Sound in Japan: A Kinoshita MSA-503 passive pre(non-)amplifier. The acronym is ambitious: MSA stands for Magical Super (Because 'Magical' alone wasn't good enough) Attenuator.