Dusting the cobwebs on this page.

I haven't logged into this site for a while, here's a quick refresh of what my speakers are about. Check out the FAQs page or email sunshipaudio(at)gmail(dot)com

Cabinets built of double layered Birch Plywood (2" / 5cm).
 Front to back bracing makes a very rigid front for the woofer to push against.
The speaker pair weighs around 300kg.

No compromise, custom-made, two-way passive horn-loaded loudspeakers with bi-radial stabilised dispersion horns using the TAD TD-4001 compression driver and TL-1601 woofer.

Massive bi-radial wood horns (22kg) are non-resonating and do not colour the sound. Their profile and multi-cellular throat cover evenly a wide listening area without the usual narrowing of the high frequencies and nasal 'duck' sound often experienced with simple profiles and vintage metal horns.

Time-aligned crossover that gives a monitor grade ruler-flat response. Thanks to the horn, the crossover point is kept under 650Hz well into the comfort zone of the woofer.

Massive 22kg bi-radial controlled dispersion horn.
Grills mounted with hidden magnets to protect from UV light.

High-order, time-aligned, passive crossover. Point to point wiring. Very flat response.

The hard part: Solid wood and precisely machined fins for even distribution of high-frequencies.

Grills off, the woofers are flush with the front baffle to prevent reflexions.

Paint made by super gifted car restauration artisan.

Any colour you like, the ones you see here are a light grey with a bit of cyan.

These cars cost a lot more than my speakers!

This finish on plywood is very difficult to achieve.

The directivity of the box and horns are very similar, combined with the time-aligned crossover
the fusion between the two drivers sounds seamless. 

The feet are also massive plywood. Their height can be adjusted to your preference.

All kinds of wiring or bi-wiring options are possible.
I like 4-Poles SpeakOn for bi-wiring in one clic.

The horns are made of hundreds of small parts registered with dowels.
It takes two hours to cut on CNC but 10 times more to assemble and hand finish the horns.
The fins are hand sanded individually to remove any imperfection that could cause distortion.

The sides of each horn are made of dozens of small parts to achieve the right profile
as well as a solid constructions, not folded plywood that could resonate.

This mounting plate is very solid and hand-sanded to match the horn 
there are no little misalignments that could cause distortion at this critical spot.
Massive bolts to hold the 14Kg of the driver.
The Horn is 22Kg, almost twice as much as the discontinued TH-4001.

We can help with installation and choosing a set-up.

Whether you like LPs or digital.

Low powered tubes or solid state, everything can work. No preconceptions.