The cost of things.

Pretty much everything you see on these pages has gone up in price two to four times in the past 5 years. From the seemingly plain Baltic Birch Plywood to Rare Earth AlNiCo Magnets, beryllium and what not, all ingredients come from places that draw an almost perfect map of the current international tensions and greed. Oh! And then there was CoVid before that. 

What was always going to be a spendy and elbow-grease heavy, but fun, endeavour has turned into a comically difficult affair. Things are out of stock, suppliers of smaller but essential parts have gone bust... forget it. Paradoxically drivers are not the issue, I have new TAD TD-4001 and TL-1601 inventory for another couple of pairs of speakers but cannot see a viable business model anymore, even as a side project.

I'll keep this blog up for other audio and record collecting adventures...