Listening Room Berlin

We now have a demo room set-up in Berlin.

Setting up this space was an essential part of our Sunship project. This room is a quiet place where you can spend time, to get used to the acoustics and understand the speakers. There is no alternative. An hour of demonstrations using the usual suspects of audiophile recordings is not a way to evaluate an audio component. It can take several hours or a full day to play music quietly or loud and to decide if these are the speakers that you want to live with. It is also important that you can bring your own amplifier, if you have one that you wish to use. The system we have in place is a starting point for a conversation or a plug-and-play example for people who do not have the desire to dive into the depths of the audiophile world.

Whether you are interested in buying or just curious to hear something new, know a lot or nothing, don't hesitate to come by and listen to whatever music you fancy without pressure or pretension from our side. We don't really have opening or closing times so whenever suits you we'll make it happen. Please email sunshipaudio (at) gmail (dot) com to arrange an appointment.

We are within 3 minutes walk from the famous KaDeWe, in a part of town where there are plenty of things to do and restaurants, to take a break, come back, listen to more records. Lastly, There are many other reasons to visit Berlin, from Opera to Techno.

ASR Emitter

ASR Emitter and Okto Research DAC