ASR Emitter I

Simplicity, plug-and-play, set-and-forget.

We've just done demonstrations with the ASR Friedrich Shaefer Emitter I. The Emitter sounds amazing. Elegant, big and open with a very deep, transparent and well controlled bass. 
Our speakers speakers are not difficult to drive and the Emitter is just cruising. There is no stress, no hard edge anywhere. You can just relax and listen to music without questioning anything.

It bridges the divide between tube and solid-state, sounding like both (or neither, depending on how you look at things) and makes you wonder what else you could wish for. Ready to take any challenge by any other amplifier.
It is also very logically designed and the minimalist, timeless aesthetics match the design of the speakers perfectly.

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The separate power supply is key.

A legendary design. Phaidon HiFi.