Empire 398

Heavy arm
+ Low compliance MC
+ Step-up transformers.

I cannot believe the sound I'm getting out of this Empire 398 turntable.
With a low compliance Denon DL103R cartridge the heavy 980 arm with spring-loaded VTF ( Not unlike the EMT 997 ) sounds amazing with any record you throw at it.

I cleaned it, oiled it and changed the belt and grommets. The only modification I made was to add a Yamamoto Sound Craft AL2 Arm lift that fits perfectly under the arm next to the Dyna-Lift. And to add a very thin Origin Live matt. These have the reputation of having perfectly balanced platters. Adding damping material under would probably cause more damage than good.

The brilliant Dyna-Lift.

The Empire 108 cart with a NOS needle.
Yamamoto Sound Craft arm lift.
New cartridge holder from Pat Leaver
who also gave me a few restauration tips.
Sanded and oiled American Walnut base.