Auralic Aries Mini

No more Laptops with noisy power supplies in the HIFI chain.
With an on-board 1TB SSD the Auralic Aries Mini is a very well thought-out and enjoyable universal digital source.

SSD drive is cleaner than HDD.
SPDIF is cleaner and more robust than USB.
TIDAL HIFI  streams bit-perfect and can be remote-controlled.
Supports PCM 44-384, 16-32 bits, DSD
Controlled via the very good proprietary iPhone app.
Also has its own on-board DAC and can be used as a uPnP/DLNA streamer.

Excellent iPhone app controls:
Personal Library,
Personal Library on
Solid State Drive
Low Noise PSU
Into DAC
Bit-Perfect, always.